Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The most disgusting day

Dear journal ,
    "Hhhuuu, we have been here out at sea for four weeks already." As I walk out of my room a stiff smells starts spreading around the whole ship. As I sniff again I realized what the smell was, it was the smell of unwashed body's, and unwashed hair. Know I have to worrier about three things the horrible smell my crew teammate, Samantha, and myself. She has dysentery, and she is almost going to die because of it, and I have scurvy. The only crew mates that are lucky are Caleb and Raymon, they are as health as they can be, for know. Are ship is old and it is wreaking, but worst of all it has little bugs! Well I just have to deal with it. Pretty soon we are going to be out on sea for five weeks. All I need is to get rid of the scurvy and then I will be good and healthy. Then I can live my normal life the scurvy took away from me. 

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