Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Esperanza Rising

Dear readers,

   "Our land is alive, Esperanza, " said papa, taking her small hand as they walked through the gentle slopes of the vineyard. Leafy green vines draped the arbors and the grapes were ready to drop. Esperanza was six years old and loved to walk with her papa through the winding rows, gazing up at him and watching his eyes dance with love for the hand.

   "This whole valley breathes and lives," he said, sweeping his arms toward the distant mountains that guarded them. "It gives us the grapes and then they welcome us."

I read Esperanza Rising because, the cover really made the book look really interesting. I recommend this book to the people that really read with emotion. I also recommend this book to people that love reading books. I give this book a rate of five stars.    

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