Friday, October 24, 2014


Hello reader, I am going to post my writing and I am eager to see if you like me story. It is about babysitting. I am writing about the day when I took care of my brother and sister, hope you enjoy it once again.

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“Waaaaaaaaaa” I heard a voice in the room, It was loud and clear.
“Waaaaaaaaaa” I heard another voice. But this time it sounded different.
“Waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa!” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these kids are so annoying, well, I shouldn't say that, I said in my head. I stomped into the room puffing. It was my sister Brisada and my brother Daniel, they were winning like crazy. I looked over at my brother Daniel his face covered with tears and his cheeks red and puffy. I reached over and put my arms under his arms and picked him up. I picked Daniel up and got Brisada from the hand and carried them to the living room.
Knock Knock, someone was knocking.
“Who is it?” I said in a confident voice.
It me your friend.”
“Can you play outside with me?”
I thought in my head, should I or should I not. I want to but I can’t, I have to babysit or I will get in trouble!
“I can’t I am taking care of my sister and brother maybe later.”
“Ok bye.”
Ooooo I want to play outside so bad but I can’t.
I walked very slow to the kitchen and slowly got the bottle and filed it with milk. Turned and walked back to the living room and sat down on the soft couch.Sat Daniel on my lap, gave him the bottle, and slowly opening his mouth he reached out and grabbed it putting it in his mouth ready to take it. My brothers chubby cheeks moving up and down slowly as he drank his milk. As I watched him I thought, is being outside better than taking care of you and you sister. My eyes moved and were looking at my sister, she was closing her eyes and opening them back up. That was when I knew I had to take her to the room (and man she is heavy.) Stretching my arms I picked her up I struggled. I wiggled all the way to the room and then laid her on the bed and then took a deep breath, and then turned around and walked out the room.
Daniel was still on the couch looking at me. I said, “Now it is your turn to go to sleep. I mean you don’t have to but you haven't slept all day.” I throw myself on the couch and then looked at the baby to see if he had taken what I said seriously, and sure enough he didn’t he was laughing and sticking his tongue out at me. A while past by and the baby was getting very sleepy so I rocked him and he fall asleep. As I went to go lay him in his crib I tried tiptoeing so he would not wake up. Finally they were both asleep so that meant I could go outside and play! So I slowly opened the door and rushed outside. I was so happy! So after all taking care of Daniel and Brisada was not hard after all.
The End